What parents and professionals say about it : 



"Stimulating, filled with information, practical...These skills can be used both in the classroom and in indvidual and group counseling sessions."

--Helene Wareham, Guidance Counselor,
William H. Taft High School, Bronx, New York



"Excellent information! I can't tell you how well received the workshop is.  The exercises are clear, basic and allow for practice.  Everyone enjoys and relates to the so-real cartoons."

--Diana Alves, M.S.W., Child Action, Inc.,
Resources and Referral Program, Sacramento, California



"It's terrific - easy to use, filled with humor, and very satisfying.  The situations are really fun and connect with the participants' lives.  I appreciate the many permissions given for people not to pressure themselves to be 'perfect' with these new ideas."

--Bill Decker, Substance  Abuse Prevention Education
Marshall, Michigan

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