What happens in the workshop sessions ?

Worshops are mainly given to social groups and associations in Switzerland and in France (parenting groups, leisures, Meetup groups) and Professionals working with Children.

If you are an individual and want to attend, you have to gather at least 8 persons and we will be glad to organize a worshop especially for you. Otherwise  when possible you can join an existing session.


  • Each course is designed for eight to twelve people.
  • All programs include a complete and smoothly flowing framework for each meeting. A selected chairperson, or leader, is in charge of reading aloud simple directions from the Chairperson's Guide.
  • Group members follow along using their workbooks
  • As each new skill is presented, through cartoons and "true-to-life" dramatizations, participants will have a chance to discuss their reactions with each other and consolidate their new learning by doing practice exercises in their workbooks.
  • Participants will also have opportunities to role play common problem situations and share their reactions with each other.
  • At no point is anyone required to divulge anything personal. The format provides a warm, relaxed and enjoyable way for all members of the group to learn and practice valuable communication skills.

Each session (6) runs approximately 2.5 hours and is possible to arrange as following :
- 1 session per week over 6 weeks (only in Zurich Area)
- 2 sessions per day over 3 weeks or over 3 months


To organize a workshop : contact us.






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Quelques places sont ouvertes aux parents extérieurs sur un groupe en constitution.

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